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About Us

ICAN was created to advocate for people with varying levels of ability, treating them as individuals who have the right to be active and involved in their community as well as the right to a lifestyle that encourages overall health and wellness. ICAN provides support and resources to ensure that the people we serve can live as independently as possible while having an understanding and respect for their personal choices.

At ICAN, people with varying levels of abilities are first and foremost PEOPLE! They are treated as individuals and are recognized for their ABILITIES, and are not their disabilities. ICAN staff embrace the spirit of independent living, work to promote social development and facilitate integration into community life.

ICAN has an excellent management team with many years of experience working with people with a variety of disabilities and diagnoses. We pride ourselves on working together with each individuals team member in a positive and productive manner.

At ICAN, we provide continuing education and training to our staff to maintain our highest standards of performance. It is our goal to continue to become knowledgeable and educated with the most current information for supporting people, of all ages, with varying levels of ability.

ICAN is currently licensed in Steele and Waseca Counties and has been providing services and support for people with varying levels of ability since 2000. ICAN has several supervised living sites and provides in-home services, PCA services, and much more!

*Employment and Volunteer Opportunities Available

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  • Independent... Independence is what our consumers all long for. ICAN staff support efforts in reaching this goal!
  • Counseling... Counseling, Comfort, and Effect Listening teach us to validate and address the needs of those we support.
  • Advocacy... ICAN staff are vigilant in the advocacy of our indiviudals and teach self advocacy to those we support.
  • Network... We pride ourselves on working as a team whose primary focus is the interest of the individual..


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